Product overview

pdf-Icon Produktübersicht (de) (Pyrometer, Systemkomponenten, Kalibrierstrahler, Zubehör, Software)
pdf-Icon Product overview (en) (pyrometers, system components, calibration sources, accessories, software)




Visiereinrichtung Laserpilotlicht (rot) Red laser targeting light
Laserpilotlicht (grün)-Icon Green laser targeting light
Durchblickvisier-Icon through lens view finder
Kameramodul-Icon Color camera module
Manually focusable integrated optics
lichtleitergeraet-Icon Manually focusable fiber optics
motorfokus-Icon Integrated motorized focus optics
Fixed focus optics


pdf-Icon GALAXY SC71 / SC72 / SC73 / SC 75 / SC81 / SC82 / SC83 / SC 85 (de)
pdf-Icon GALAXY SC71 / SC72 / SC73 / SC 75 / SC81 / SC82 / SC83 / SC 85 (en)

pdf-Icon SC10 (de) (Scan-Adapter für Pyrometer der Serien METIS und SIRIUS)
pdf-Icon SC10 (en) (Scanning mirror adaptor for METIS and SIRIUS series pyrometers)


pdf-Icon REGULUS RD / RF (de) (Pyrometeroptimierter PID-Prgrammregler im Tischgehäuse oder zum Schalttafeleinbau)
pdf-Icon REGULUS RD / RF (en) (Pyrometer-optimized PID program controller in desktop housing or for panel mounting)


pdf-Icon IF-00 (LED-Digitalanzeige zum Schalttafeleinbau für Messtemperatur, Einstellung der Pyrometer-Parameter, 4 Schaltausgänge)
pdf-Icon IF-00 (LED digital display for panel mounting for measuring temperature, adjusting the pyrometer parameters, 4 switching outputs)


pdf-Icon SensorTools (Einstell-, Kommunikations- und Analysesoftware für Pyrometer, Regler, Anzeigen und Kalibrierstrahler)
pdf-Icon SensorTools (adjustment, communication and analysing software for pyrometers, controllers, displays and calibration sources)

pdf-Icon Kalibrier- und Justiersoftware SensorCal3 + CS500-N + CS1500
pdf-Icon SensorCal3 calibration and adjustment software + CS500-N + CS1500

Software-Screenshot und Anleitungen

Manuals / software / firmware

for pyrometers, scanners, controllers, calibration sources...

Operating manuals / software (if available, the latest firmware is included in the SensorTools software)

Enter the model and serial number:

Device type label

Video tutorials

SensorTools short video tutorials:

  • Fastest possible data transfer: Setting of the PC interface from the Windows default to the fastest value.
  • Fastest possible data recording: Setting in the software.
  • Display of all measurement channels: if using 2-color pyrometers, disply in addition to the ratio temperature the 1-color temperatures and the signal strength.



Accessories for the METIS pyrometer series

pdf-Icon Accessories catalog for the METIS series

Accessories for the SIRIUS pyrometer series and the POLARIS switch series

Accessories for the CAPELLA handheld pyrometer series

  • Vorsatzoptik für Capella-Pyrometer für Messungen im Nahbereich

    Close-up Lens

    for CAPELLA handheld devices.
    For spot sizes from 0.4 mm with a focus distance of 150 mm.

Electrical accessories