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Calibration Sources / Transfer Standard Pyrometers

Calibration sources, also called blackbody calibration sources, provide stable temperatures to verify the functionality and accuracy of pyrometers, thermal imaging cameras and other devices for non-contact radiation measurement.
With our calibration systems, calibration sources and pyrometers are automatically calibrated and adjusted.

Transfer Standard Pyrometers are highly accurate and long-term stable pyrometers that are traced back to the international temperature scale ITS-90. With them, calibration sources are checked for their accuracy and readjusted if necessary, pyrometers are also checked for their accuracy using comparative measurements and also readjusted if necessary.

4 Kalibrierstrahler, Pyrometer und Software auf Tisch
  • Fast heating-up times
  • Very stable temperatures
  • High emissivity of the cavity surface

Calibration Source CS1500

  • Temperature range: 250 - 1500°C
  • Measuring area: 24 mm, aperture: 40 mm

Calibration Source CS500-N

  • Temperature range: 25 - 500°C
  • Measuring area: 20 mm, aperture: 30 mm

pdf-Icon Datasheet CS500-N + CS1500 + software

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Transfer Standard Pyrometer DIADEM

  • Display resolution 0.01°
  • Measurement uncertainty only 0.15% of the measured value + 1K

pdf-Icon Datasheet DIADEM DS06 / DS09 / DI13 / DI16

DIADEM Transfer Standard Pyrometers are also used in-house, e.g. for our calibration and adjustment service.

Software-Controlled Calibration and Adjustment with Calibration Systems

Our calibration sources can be used to verify infrared measuring devices from all manufacturers. However, the full potential is achieved in conjunction with Sensortherm devices:

Pyrometer auf Kalibrierstrahler ausgerichtet, Laptop davor

Pyrometer and PC can be connected to the calibration source and controlled via this. The result is a complete calibration and alignment system for both pyrometers and for the calibration source itself.

SensorCal3 Software

  • Simply readjust the calibration source and METIS pyrometers by yourself after a long period of operation.
  • Create calibration certificates for calibration sources and METIS pyrometers

Quick Check of Pyrometers

The portable temperature source HE1200 is a very small temperature source that is unmatched and quickly heated. It is heated up to 1200°C in just 3 minutes and allows e.g. pyrometers to be checked directly on the furnace system or to determine the optical losses when taking measurements through windows or lenses. Even when the pyrometer is coupled into laser processing optics, the pyrometer is quickly adapted to the optical losses encountered there.

HE1200-Temperaturstrahler mit Laserbearbeitungsoptik, in HE1200 messend

Temperature Source HE1200

  • Up to 1200°C in 3 minutes
  • Optical losses determined quickly when taking measurements through windows or lenses

pdf-Icon Data sheet HE1200