Pyrometer in Schutzgehäuse misst durch kleine Öffnung auf heißes Material

Individual Advice

The non-contact temperature measurement with pyrometers is the contact measurement superior in many areas. However, often questions arise that can not be solved due to lack of experience:

  • The spectral range must be selected suitable to the measuring material
  • The exposure time or response time must, for example, must match to the speed of passing materials
  • Choosing the most suitable type of pyrometer, such as 1-color or 2-color pyrometers, is not necessarily self-explanatory
  • and certainly many more.

Discuss your application with us and let us advise you. This ensures that you get a product that can be carried out your measuring task optimally.

If a suitable device suggestion from a distance is not sufficient to solve your measurement problem, talk to us about an on-site consultation.

Application advice or a suitable pyrometer suggestion is accelerated by filling out our
pdf-Icon Questionnaire for application advice on non-contact temperature measurement

Save the questionnaire locally on your computer and fill it out as completely as possible.

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We are interested in the long and trouble-free operation of our products for your measurement tasks.