Seminars / training courses

In seminars or training courses, you can bring your infrared knowledge up to date. Not only general questions about infrared measurement technology are conveyed, special application questions are also dealt with together and problem solutions are worked out.

Talk to us about your applications and we will try to find improvements together and optimize your processes using infrared measurement technology.

Typical Topics

  • Acquire general infrared measurement technology / general infrared knowledge
  • Understand relationships between materials and wavelengths of infrared measuring devices
  • Use pyrometer techniques correctly
  • Determine the installation location
  • Consider the material properties of the measuring objects
  • Optimize your own production processes
  • Achieve quality improvements
  • Temperature control for inductive heating
  • Temperature-controlled process monitoring during laser deposition welding, hardening or tempering
  • Calibrating and adjusting pyrometers

Seminars or training courses are held in our training room in Steinbach, possibly also on site at your company or via video conference.


by appointment. Call us at +49 6171 887098-0 or contact us by providing us with all the necessary information: