Scanning Mirror Adapter SC10

SC10 scan adapters are used with pyrometers of the METIS or SIRIUS series. They swivel the pyrometer measuring field continuously back and forth and enable in conjunction with the peak picker function of the pyrometer measurement objects to be measured that are not always in the same place (let us advise you).

  • Can be used with pyrometers of the METIS and SIRIUS series
  • Scanning angle adjustable from 0 to 12°
  • Scanning frequency adjustable from 0.2 to 2 Hz or 2 to 10 Hz (switchable)

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More details
An SC10 scanner is primarily used to detect the maximum temperature of objects, where at fixed aligned pyrometers the measuring object would move out of focus or cold parts of surfaces (e.g. scale) does not display the required measurement result.
  • For alignment to the measuring objekt the sighting system of the pyrometer is used
  • A fast pyrometer should be used for high scanning speeds (response time not slower than 1 ms)

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