PID Program Controller REGULUS

REGULUS RF and RD are programmable PID temperature controllers for panel mounting or in a desktop housing. They have been specially developed for use with Sensortherm pyrometers to detect rapid temperature changes on an object and continuously provide a synchronized adjusted manipulated variable, for example to control a high-frequency generator (let us advise you if you need further assistance).

  • Programmable, i.e. different setpoints can be approached one after the other
  • Expedient initial values for the most important control parameters P and I can be determined automatically
  • Temperatures, setpoint and control parameters can be visually monitored using software, thus enabling optimal process optimization

pdf-Icon Datenblatt (pdf deutsch)
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More details
  • Extremely fast sampling time of 100 μs
  • 990 program steps can be divided into 26 programs
  • Automatic connection of up to 2 Sensortherm pyrometers
  • Optional thermocouple input
  • 7 digital outputs, 6 digital inputs
  • Also for the modernization of existing systems with manipulated variable input

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