Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Infrared thermometers, scanning systems, thermal imaging cameras and controllers for professional process monitoring and control. Calibration sources for the pyrometer checks and software for measurement visualization and data recording. Development, production, sales and service.

  • Pyrometers / IR thermometers with digital signal processing for extremely precise measurement results.
  • Programmable PID temperature controller for intelligent control of heating processes.
  • Calibration sources and Transfer Standard Pyrometers for accuracy checking of your pyrometer.
  • Thermal imaging cameras for the representation of surface temperature distributions.

New address since Feb. 22, 2021:
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Pyrometer Guide

Digital Sensortherm pyrometers are used to improve the product quality by measuring results with high accuracy.

The consideration of several criteria helps in the selection of a pyrometer suitable for an application.

Examples from manufacturing and process engineering show where and how pyrometers are typically used.

Sensortherm Infrared Measurement and Control GmbH is one of the technology leaders in digital pyrometer technology. Especially our 2-color pyrometers are the world‘s fastest devices with digital signal processing and output signals.
With more than 30 years of experience in development and production of infrared measuring devices, we are constantly setting new standards in the digital pyrometry. Sensortherm provides advanced economical and technical solutions from a single source.

All pyrometers and thermal imaging systems are manufactured by Sensortherm “Made in Germany” at our headquarter in Steinbach / Taunus. Our international sales contacts can be found across the globe in many national languages.