Pyrometer models

  • Highly accurate
  • Very fast
  • Very small spot sizes

GALAXY scanners

  • Evaluate 16 measuring regions separately
  • Determine temperature profiles
  • 2D thermographic images in 2-color mode

calibration systems.

  • Fast heating-up times
  • Automatic readjustment with reference device
  • Long-term stable

Program PID controller

  • Programmable control processes
  • Extremely fast up to 100 µs
  • Optimized for pyrometers



Products in focus

3 different pyrometer models

Pyrometers and infrared switches with digital signal processing for very accurate measuring results

Pyrometeroptimierter PID-Regler im Tischgehäuse

Programmable PID controllers, pyrometer-optimized, with direct output of manipulated variables

Pyrometeroptimierter PID-Regler im Tischgehäuse

Locally resolving scanners for up to 1,600 measuring points at a maximum detection angle of 90°

Pyrometeroptimierter PID-Regler im Tischgehäuse

All pyrometer data sheets at a glance

Pyrometeroptimierter PID-Regler im Tischgehäuse

Calibration source as a complete calibration system with PC and pyrometer connection

Monitor with software screenshot

Software for simple device setting and for analyzing the measuring values

Applications in focus

Pyrometer in protective housing measures pouring stream

Automated pouring stream measurement with elimination of interference

Nahaufnahme von einem Laserschweißroboter beim Schweißen

Thermal process control with simultaneous laser power control

Pyrometer in Kühlgehäuse misst Bramme

Professional process monitoring in industry, research and development

About us

Fast infrared thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement,
System components for extended process monitoring and control.

In-house development and production, sales and service.

Sensortherm Infrared Measurement and Control GmbH is one of the technology leaders in digital pyrometer technology. Especially our 2-color pyrometers are the world‘s fastest devices with digital signal processing and output signals.
With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of infrared measuring devices, we are constantly setting new standards in digital pyrometry. Sensortherm provides economical and technically high-quality solutions from a single source.

All pyrometers, system components and calibration sources from Sensortherm are "Made in Germany" produced at our headquarter in Steinbach. You can find contacts in many national languages through our international sales departments.