Pyrometer-Außen- und Innenansicht

Infrared measuring technology made in Germany:

  • Development, production and service in-house
  • Sales worldwide

About us

Sensortherm GmbH in Weißkirchener Straße 2-6 in Germany, 61449 Steinbach develops, produces and distributes

Sensortherm is one of the technology leaders in digital pyrometer technology, especially our ratio pyrometers are the world's fastest devices with digital signal processing.

With more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of infrared radiation thermometers, Sensortherm is constantly setting new standards in digital pyrometry and offers its customers economical and technically high-quality solutions from a single source. All Sensortherm devices are produced "made in Germany" at our headquarter in Steinbach am Taunus.
Sensortherm sells worldwide, through our international sales you will find contacts in many national languages.

Quality is important to us, all products are subjected to extensive checks before they are assembled and leave our company.

Tüv-ISO-Zertifikats-IconWe are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

Some Company History

Wolfgang Scheuer am Tisch mit Messgeräten

In the beginning there was the idea...

Wolfgang Scheuer's basic idea emerged: pyrometers with digital signal processing in order to be able to post-process the difficult-to-control analog signals mathematically.



First collaboration with Optron measuring technology GmbH, which is dedicated to the development and production of measuring devices.

Erstes Pyrometermodell der Fa. Optron


The first pyrometer is ready, it comes from a development order.

Logo Fa. Optrotherm


Founding of Optrotherm Measurement and Sensor Technology GmbH, which is also dedicated to the development and production of electronic measuring devices.

Grafik der Bausteine eines Pyrometers mit digitaler Signaltechnik


Patent filing for pyrometers with direct detector signal digitization.



Foundation of Sensortherm GmbH as an independent development, production and sales company.



First 2-color pyrometer with digital detector signal digitization on the market.

Erste Überreichung des ISO2015-Zertifikats vom Tüv


First presentation of the ISO-9001 certificate by the TÜV.



Great trust: Sensortherm receives the order to develop a pyrometer for measurements in the Measurements in weightlessness in the electromagnetic levitator on the ISS and thus creates the basis for the later Transfer Standard Pyrometer DIADEM.

Sensortherm-Firmengebäude in Sulzbach


Relocation to the own and enlarged company building in Sulzbach.


Sensortherm works continuously to improve and expand its products. Besides pyrometers also controllers, calibration sources and combinations of both arise. The continuously developed software creates a comfortable interaction of all products.

Sensortherm-Firmengebäude in Sulzbach


Sensortherm becomes part of Nynomic AG.



Relocation of Sensortherm GmbH to the new company building in Steinbach, together with the Nynomic group members tec5 and Spectral Engines.

Sensortherm-Firmengebäude in Sulzbach


Sensortherm GmbH continuously researches and develops further in order to create modern products "Made in Germany“ that help the market to further improve the world with high-quality products.