METIS M3F1 (Flame Pyrometer)

2-color pyrometer for measuring sooty flames in incinerators such as coal-fired power plants or waste incineration plants (let us advise you).

  • To optimize the combustion operation and to reduce emissions in combustion chambers
  • To maintain the minimum temperature to protect against harmful environmental effects
  • To avoid slagging of combustion chamber walls
  • Measured value acquisition 5 ms / response time: 10 ms
  • Available temperature ranges:
    600 – 1400°C or 1112 – 2552°F
    650 – 1500°C or 1202 – 2732°F
    750 – 2000°C or 1382 – 3632°F
    900 – 2500°C or 1652 – 4532°F
  • Spectral ranges: 0.695 – 0.93 µm / 0.93 – 1.1 µm

pdf-Icon Datenblatt (pdf deutsch)
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More details
The METIS M3F1 is a special flame pyrometer, developed on the technology of the M311 two-color pyrometer. It is used for the non-contact temperature measurement of flames containing soot in coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plants and other combustion furnaces, enabling optimization of the firing operation, e.g. reduce the emissions in combustion chambers or to avoid the slagging of combustion chamber walls.
The measuring method utilizes a special algorithm that combines the radiation and the ratio measurement values from the specific flame properties and determines the penetration depth of the flame measurement depending on the soot concentration.

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