GALAXY Scanners SC7 / SC8

GALAXY line scanners move the spot size of a pyrometer continuously over objects and record temperatures at even angular intervals. With an adjustable measuring angle between 0.56 and 90°, 10 to 1600 measured values can be recorded and evaluated (let us advise you).

  • Can be used with 1-color and 2-color pyrometers of the METIS series
  • 16 separately evaluable measurement regions
  • Digital inputs and outputs for external activation or switching signal output at temperature events

pdf-Icon Datenblatt (pdf deutsch)
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More details
Each of the up to 16 measurement regions can be evaluated separately. As soon as a region has been passed through, maximum, minimum or average temperatures are output at the analog outputs or even all are displayed together on the PC.
This enables extensive evaluations:
  • Temperature profiles provide information about the temperature distribution between edge and middle object areas
  • Maximum, average and minimum value of each scan of the material to be measured, provide a quick overview of compliance with the necessary object temperatures

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