Heavy-Duty Measuring System for METIS M3 or H3 Pyrometers

The pyrometer measuring system in heavy stainless steel design can be used with pyrometers of the METIS M3 series and the high-speed version H3 and is therefore used for non-contact temperature measurement of metals, ceramics, graphite and many other materials (let us advise you).

The system is optimally adapted to the application conditions in the steel industry. The optics system is designed for up to 250°C, the purge air provides additional cooling and keeps the optics tube and thus the pyrometer field of vision free from contamination. The electronics of the measuring system is mounted in up to 30 meters in a protected position.

pdf-Icon Datenblatt Heavy-Duty-Messsystem (pdf deutsch)
pdf-Icon Datasheet Heavy-Duty Measuring System (pdf english)

pdf-Icon Temperaturüberwachung in der Stahlindustrie (pdf deutsch)
pdf-Icon Steel Industry Temperature Monitoring (pdf english)

More details
Fiber optic pyrometer with optics with factory-set focus distance:
  • 1-color pyrometers: adjustable from 170 - 4500 mm
  • 2-color pyrometers: adjustable from 240 - 3000 mm
Designed for continuous temperature measurement in:
  • Hot strip rolling mills
  • Continuous casting plants
  • Casting machines / automatic casting units
  • Pipe welding machines
  • similarly harsh industrial conditions

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