Nynomic Group

The Nynomic group develops and produces contact-less optical high-tech measurement systems for a wide range of applications. Starting with the optical component [spectrometer unit, optical bench] over measurement units up to turn-key solutions the companies within the group offer a complete range for different levels of integration and value creation. Those technologies and competences within the group are used in all levels of integration, to offer state-of-the art customer solutions with optimal value creation.

Application examples starts from content material analysis in the agricultural sector, process monitoring in the semiconductor industry, systems for the cleaning of endoscopes, measurement systems for incoming goods inspection and process optimization in the wood processing industry up to infrared camera systems for early fire detection. Furthermore, this broad technology base is supposed to solve a wide range of measuring problems in various branches and applications.

The main focus for the group is the OEM business. We supply well-known customers, partly with a long history of collaboration, with individual customized solutions developed and produced in house.

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Part of Nynomic AG are the companies APOS GmbH, Avantes B.V., LayTec AG, LemnaTec GmbH, Sensortherm GmbH,Spectral Engines Oy, tec5 AG and m-u-t GmbH with their subsidiaries.

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