300 mm
FOV (1 x 1 px):
0.27 x 0.27 mm
MFOV (3 x 3 px):
0.81 x 0.81 mm
179.43 mm
134.66 mm
Calculate MV09 lens
lensmin distanceHFOVVFOV
OV09-A0700 mm3.5°
OV09-B0900 mm7.3°5.5°
OV09-C0350 mm11°
OV09-D0250 mm14°11°
OV09-E0250 mm22°17°
OV09-F0250 mm30°22°
OV09-G0200 mm58°44°
Distance: mm
Distance: Min. distance between target and lens
px (Pixel): Single detector element on the camera chip with 640 x 480 detectors
FOV (Field of View): Picture dimensions of camera at a certain distance
MFOV (Minimum FOV): For accurate temperature measurement the target size should cover 3x3 pixels at least.
HFOV (Horizontal FOV): Horizontal expansion of the FOV
VFOV (Vertical FOV): Vertical expansion of the FOV