Thermal Imaging Camera MetisVision MV05 / MV09

Rugged Thermovision Camera for Industrial Applications

MetisVision MV09 is a stationary, short-wave camera for the measurement of metals, ceramics, composites, semiconductors, wafers or molten glass.

Metis Vision MV05 measures in an even shorter wavelength range around 0.5 microns and is used in foundries for measurements of a liquid pouring stream.

Thermal imaging camera MetisVision MV099
  • Temperature ranges
    MV05: 1200°C-2000°C
    MV09: 600-1300°C; 750-1500°C; 900-1800°C
  • High accuracy, 0.5% of measured value
  • Over 300,000 temperature measurement points
  • Thermostated sensor offers extremely high, drift free stability
  • Focusable or fixed focus lenses
  • Real time imaging up to 60 Hz update rate
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface 1000 Mbit/s
  • For Windows 7 Professional / Windows 8 Professional
  • Easy handling
  • Trigger input for remote controlled activation of measurement
  • Extremely rugged housing with protection window, rated IP65
Thermal imager software VisionWin

Processing Software VisionWin

  • Automatically or manually temperature range adjustments
  • Individually adjustable software images
  • Emissivity adjustment range 0.20 – 1.00
  • Adjustable external trigger function
  • Up to 15 free drawn ROI`s optional with analog output signals or alarms
  • Line profiling, multiple color palettes, isothermal images
  • Image comparison of several screenshots
  • Capture and save functionality; CSV export

Datasheet: MV05 / MV09

Spot Size Calculator

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