Pyrometers / Hot Metal Detectors

Pyrometers are infrared thermometers that optically detect surface temperatures from a point-shaped area. Infrared switches (hot-metal detectors) also detect the infrared radiation, but do not emit a temperature but a switching signal in case of temperature exceedance.

Pyrometers are available in different spectral ranges, the choice depends on the material to be measured. Thus, metals are measured in short-wave spectral ranges, non-metals usually in the long-wave.

Three-part graph showing the available spectral ranges of the pyrometers. Link to the detail page of 1-color pyrometers

The series M3 / H3 / C3 and Sirius measure in the shortwave range, the series Metis is available in different spectral ranges. Since many of the available spectral ranges can be used in different areas, we recommend a personal advance consultation before you decide on a device.


Sorting to Measuring Technology

The measurement method decides on the intended use.

1-color pyrometer, visualized, shows beam path on a detector.

1-color pyrometers (standard infrared thermometers) can be used to determine most of measurement object temperatures very well. Only the emissivity of the material to be measured has to be taken into account during the measurement, but it is widely known for most materials and can be read out from tables. Measuring errors are extremely low with such devices.

2-color pyrometer, visualized, shows beam path on two detectors.

2-color pyrometers measure in two different spectral ranges simultaneously and determine the temperature from the ratio of the two radiation intensities.
Thus, measurements through polluting lenses or smoke or dust are possible if the radiation ratio remains constant, i.e. a signal attenuation has the same effect on both wavelength ranges.

High-speed pyrometer, visualized, shows beam path on two detectors and flash for high-speed clarification.

High-speed pyrometers measure temperatures many times faster than our other devices, very fast anyway. This can be used e.g. to create detailed temperature profiles of fast-moving parts or implement control processes that must keep a required temperature level. High-speed pyrometers are available as 1-color and 2-color pyrometers.

Product overview, front page.

Get further information in our product overview (pdf) about pyrometers, calibration sources, software and accessories as well as helpful selection criteria and our services.