Pyrometer Models

Sensortherm pyrometers are available in many model types, since each application requires different device characteristics.

All Sensortherm IR thermometers are fully digital with direct signal digitization, i.e. the measuring signal is digitized directly behind the detector without logarithmic amplifier and then linearized (Sensortherm development). No other analog circuits will be used, virtually eliminating errors that otherwise arise in analog circuits. Thus very high measurement speeds and signal outputs (response time) are reached with high accuracy, both on the digital interface and the analog output.

Get an overview of our pyrometer models.

  • All pyrometers are ideal for industrial applications
  • With serial interface RS232 or RS485 or switchable, portables with USB
  • Sighting method (depending on model): through lens view finder, laser targeting light or color camera module
  • Measuring modes (depending on model): Current value, min / max / avg
  • With SensorTools software for device settings or data recording

 Product overview brochure

Capella, portable IR thermometer
Capella series C3

  • Portable 2-color and 1-color IR thermometers
  • Focusable optics with small spot sizes for measurements in up to 10 meters
  • Integrated short-range optics for capturing smallest objects
  • Robust aluminum housing for industrial use
  • Highly visible on hot glowing targets
  • Through-lens view finder sighting with temperature display, eye protection filter and target point display for exact spot size
  • Fastest temperature detection
  • Create and call up measuring locations or material lists
  • Data storage for 32000 measured values
  • Fast USB connection for PC data transfer

Capella C3 series: 1 ms response time, 0.5 ms exposure time.

Metis M3 series, Metis H3 High-Speed series

  • Measurements in the short wavelength band from 100°C
  • Ambient temperature compensation up to 80°C
  • Switchable interface RS232 / RS485
    optional with integrated Profibus or Profinet
  • Optics manually focusable or with motorized focus (M3), optional fixed focus optics for very small spot sizes
  • Fiber optic version for ambient temperatures up to 250°C
  • Laser targeting light, view finder or camera with highly dynamic image brightness adjustment for process monitoring
  • Optional with integrated PID controller for controlling heating processes
Model types:
12 pin connector (device settings via keys / display directly on the device, 2 analog outputs, 3 digital inputs / outputs)
17 pin connector (1 analog output, 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs)

 1-color pyrometers Metis M309 / M316 / M318: 1 ms response time, 0.5 ms exposure time
1-color pyrometer Metis M323: metal measurements from 50°C; 1 ms response time, 0.5 ms exposure time
Narrow-band 1-color pyrometer Metis M313: 1 ms response time, 0.5 ms exposure time
2-color pyrometers Metis M311 / M322: 1 ms response time, 0.5 ms exposure time
 High-Speed 1-color pyrometers Metis H309 / H316 / H318: exposure time <20 µs (>50000 measurements/s)
 High-Speed 2-color pyrometers Metis H311 / H322: exposure time <40 µs (>25000 measurements/s)

Metis infrared pyrometers
Metis series

  • 1-color pyrometers for measurements in different spectral ranges
  • Continuous ambient temperature compensation within the permissible range
  • Optional: LED display, integrated PID controller, integrated Profibus DP
Model types:
with rotary switch in the device (for emissivity / response time or settings via interface
with switchable interface (all settings via RS232 or RS485 interface)

Metis MB39: 3 ms response time (for measurements by hot furnace gases, non-contaminated gas flames)

Metis MY80 / MY84: depending on model 5 or 100 ms response time (measurements of non-metals)

Metis MY51: depending on model 5, 30 or 100 ms response time (for measurements of glass surfaces)

Metis MY34: 100 ms response time (for measurements in semiconductor manufacturing)
Metis MY45 / MY46 / MY47: 100 ms response time (for flue gas temperature measurement in incinerators)

Metis M3/H3 Heavy-Duty Measuring System

The HD measuring system is designed for continuous temperature measurement in rolling mills, continuous casting plants, casting machines and similarly harsh industrial conditions.
The system in heavy stainless steel design is optimally adapted to the application conditions in the steel industry. The optics system is designed for up to 250°C, the purge air provides additional cooling and keeps the optics tube and thus the pyrometer field of vision free from contamination. The electronics of the measuring system is mounted in up to 30 meters in a protected position.
Model types: Compatible with all optical fiber pyrometers series M3 and H3

 Metis HD: Heavy Duty measuring system

Diadem series

Diadem Transfer Standard Pyrometers (TSP) are highly accurate and long-term stable pyrometers that are used for comparative measurements between the TS pyrometer and the pyrometer to be tested. Subsequently, the TSP temperature is transferred to the pyrometer under test.

  • Diadem pyrometers are traceable to the international temperature scale ITS 90, they are calibrated with PTB-calibrated reference devices and adjusted.

 Diadem DS09 / DI13 / DI16: Display resolution 0.01°, uncertainty only 0.15% of measured value +1K

Sirius series

Sirius pyrometers
  • Compact 1-color pyrometers in stainless steel housing (Ø 40 x ca. 130 mm)
  • Measurements in the short wavelength band from 50°C
  • Interface RS232 or RS485 (optional)
  • Laser targeting light for easy alignment to the measuring object

 Sirius SI23: 5 ms response time, with integrated fixed focus optics (lens position changeable for adjusting the focus distance to 8 different distances 150-650 mm)
 Sirius SS09 / SI16: 5 ms response time, with 3 focusable optics, distance adjustable between 170 and 2000 mm

Polaris series (Hot Metal Detector)

  • Polaris-Schalter, Hot metal detector
    Infrared temperature switch in a compact stainless steel housing (Ø 40 x ca. 130 mm)
  • Non-contact detection of hot parts and trigger a switching process
  • Degree precise switching, beginning from 250°C
  • Two switching contacts with adjustable switching temperatures
  • Indication of the switching state by LEDs on back of the unit
  • Laser targeting light for easy alignment to the measuring object

 Polaris PS09 / PI16: 4 ms response time, with focusable optics