Pyrometer Series Metis

Pyrometers of the Metis series, front and back view

The Metis series consists of 1-color pyrometers in different spectral ranges. They are available for stationary installation and are used for measurements on non-metals, glass or flue gas measurements.

Technical Data

MY34: 300…1300°C, 3.43 µm, 100 ms, Semiconductor manufacturing
Temperature range300–1300°C
Spectral range3.43 µm
Response time100 ms
Smallest spot size1.2 mm
Data sheet (pdf)Manual
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MY45 / MY46 / MY47: 400…2000°C, 4.5 µm, 100 ms, Flue gas measurement in combustion furnaces
Temperature ranges400–1300°C
Spectral rangeMY45: 4.5 µm
MY46: 4.6 µm
MY47: 4.6 µm (as MY46, with TÜV certification according to DIN EN 15267-2)
Response time100 ms
Smallest spot size2.5 mm
Data sheet (pdf)Manual
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MY51: 80…2500°C, 5,14 µm, 5/30/100 ms, Glass surfaces
Temperature ranges80–800°C
Spectral range5.14 µm
Response time5/30/100 ms
Smallest spot size0.8 mm
Data sheet (pdf)Manual
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MY80: 50…800°C, 8.05 µm, 100 ms, Thin polyester films
Temperature ranges50–400°C
Spectral range8.05 µm
Response time100 ms
Smallest spot size2.5 mm
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MY84: 0…1000°C, 8-14 µm, 5/100 ms, Non-metals
Temperature ranges0–400°C
Spectral range8-14 µm
Response timeDevices with 5 or 100 ms available
Smallest spot size1.5 mm (at 5 ms response time)
0.9 mm (at 100 ms response time)
Data sheet (pdf)Manual
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  • Device parameters emissivity and response time adjustable in the device or via interface.
  • Laser targeting light or through-lens view finder for easy alignment to the measuring object.
  • Interface RS232 or RS485 (optional).