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An extensive collection of software applications, specially tailored to our devices, extends the functionality and possibilities in a wide range of measuring tasks.


SensorTools is a software for communication with all pyrometers, controllers and the calibration source CS1500. The software automatically detects connected devices and provides customized settings windows.
It is being continuously developed and can be downloaded permanently for free from our website.

Datasheet: SensorTools

SensorTools software with pyrometers

SensorTools with pyrometers:

  • Quick adjustment of the measurement parameters
  • Easy configuration of the features available
  • Backup of all configuration and parameter data
  • Measurement display (graphical and numerical temperature display)
  • Measured value recording (manually or automatically when reaching defined temperature limits; automatically by an external trigger signal; recording intervals from 50 µs at pyrometers with 921.6 kBaud)
  • Measured value analysis (playback of currently recorded readings or representation of a playback file; measured values output as csv file)
  • Adjustment function to adjust the pyrometer to a specified measuring temperature value of a local calibration source. Also for finding optical losses in measurements through foreign lens systems
SensorTools software with control pyrometers

SensorTools with control pyrometers:

Metis pyrometers with an integrated controller measure the temperature and thus control a given temperature level at the same time. A typical application is the laser power control with high speed pyrometers at the laser hardening or plastic welding.
Additional functions to  „SensorTools with pyrometers“:

  • Simultaneous setpoint and actual value monitoring
  • Rapid detection of variations in temperature
  • AutoTune function for automatic determination of control relevant parameters
  • Creating multiple control parameter files (process parameters) for external activation via the digital inputs or an external PLC
SensorTools software with PID program controllers Regulus

SensorTools with PID program controllers Regulus:

Pyrometer optimized PID program controllers are processing programmed control steps sequentially and completely self-sufficient.
Additional functions to „SensorTools with control pyrometers“:
  • Manual or automatic control mode
  • Creating simple or complex control processes in several steps
  • Temperature peaks detection with change to the next program step
  • Selection of several temperature sensors for each control step
SensorTools software with calibration source CS1500

SensorTools with calibration source CS1500:

  • Enter setpoint and read actual value
  • Read measuring temperature at connected pyrometer


The measured data and maximum value storage AZ76 detects by a pyrometer the temperature of passing objects, determines their maximum temperature and compares it with a predetermined temperature range (frequently used in drop forge which measure forging blanks and control a guide to detect waste caused by non-compliance of the temperature).
In accordance or deviation a corresponding control signal (relay contact) is output. Each measured value is stored in the device with valuation result, date and time (max. 32000 datasets).

  • Standard software AZ76Win to set the temperature thresholds 
  • Optional software SchmiedeWin to read and display the data

AZ76Win software to set the temperature thresholds

GalaxyWin / GalaxyView

The line scanner Galaxy SC11 and SC12 steer the pyrometer’s field of view continuously back and forth to enable a linear line recording of measured values with recognition of critical temperature ranges. Scan angle and speed are adjustable.

  • In GalaxyWin scan speed, scan angle and various scan zones are defined
  • All measurement data are stored automatically
  • GalaxyView is an included 2D and 3D image viewer software to illustrate and print recorded data graphically in 2 or 3 dimensions.

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