Metis M3

Metis M3, Intelligent Pyrometers of the Latest Generation

Metis M3


M3-DisplayEase of Use:

  • Bright 10-digit matrix display for temperature or parameter display
  • Fast measurement distance adjustment at motor focus optics
  • Integrated dirty window monitoring and switch-off level (for 2-color pyrometers: pollution control of viewing windows and sight glasses)
  • LED’s to indicate active inputs and outputs.


Suitable for Industrial Applications:

  • Immune to electromagnetic fields
  • M3 industrietauglichProtected connection: against reverse polarity, wrong connection, over-voltage.
  • Up to 80 degrees ambient temperature at the M3 housing, fiber optic types up to 250°C at the optical head
  • with scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant sapphire shield for devices with integrated optics
  • Optics hermetically sealed at fixed optics and motorized focus optics


Universal Connections:

  • M3 conections2 high-resolution 16 Bit analog outputs, configurable for the exact output of measured values
  • 3 digital inputs and outputs for remote control and switching signal output at temperature events and as control inputs
  • 1 analog input for external adjustment:
    – Emissivity
    – Measuring distance (devices with motorized focus)
    – Setpoint value (devices with PID controller)
  • Optional equipment:
    – versions with self-tuning PID controller
    – versions with fieldbus systems


M3 opticsPrecise Optics:

  • Motorized focus optics show the distance information on display or PC
  • Fixed optics with best distance ratios reach very small spot sizes
  • Manually focusable optics with a continuous easy and fast one-hand adjustment of the focal distance


Precise Alignment:

  • M3 alignmentPinpoint laser targeting light for target marking. At focusable optics, the spot size diameter can be optimally adapted to the measuring task.
  • Through lens view finder for sighting the measuring object up to over 3000°C. With target circle showing the measurement field and brightness adjustment for measuring of glowing objects.
  • Highly dynamic color camera module for alignment and monitoring on a monitor. The automatic picture brightness adjustment adapts extremely quickly to changing brightness of the measured object.


Innumerable Possibilities on a PC:


Brochure: Highlights of the Metis M3 Series