Highspeed Pyrometers for the Integration in Laser Processing Heads

H3 Highspeed Pyrometers that are used in in laser systems (laser processing heads) and laser applications (such as hardening, welding, laser cladding, additive manufacturing or laser beam welding) are used to record or control the process temperature. Here an integrated controller provides a manipulated variable to the laser, which ensures compliance with the preset temperature levels.
The use of high-speed pyrometers with a measuring frequency of 25 kHz allows a laser power control that produces a consistently high quality on the material being worked, even where, for example, changes of laser beam delivery would cause discontinuities in temperatures.

Example: Laser cladding

Stand-Alone System:
Metis H3 pyrometers are a self contained complete system that can be easily integrated into almost any application environments.
Additional devices or PC are not required for operation. A Windows-based sofware is supplied to support the setup process and hekp with an on-site calibration.

  • Easy connection to an existing control system: via digital inputs and outputs or interface commands, parameter files of typically values once found, can be stored permanently and loaded at any time in the required process
  • Profinet connection: Interface commands enable easy connection to Profinet
  • External control: controller start / stop, external definition of setpoint or selection of stored process parameters via a system control, output of status signals

Typical applications: laser hardening, laser cladding, heat conduction welding, additive manufacturing, plastic transmission welding, plastic bonding

Example: Evaluation of measuring temperature at laser cladding:
When coating the layers, the temperature control of melting bath is an important part of the process.

Red graph:
measured temp. of the coated web.
Green graph:
Control curve of the pyrometer.



Measurement Methods / Pyrometer Coupling

Off-Axis: In the non-collinear orientation, the pyrometer optics is mounted adjacent to the laser tool, aligned to the laser spot.

  • Easy installation and integration

On-Axis: In the collinear alignment, the pyrometer optics is coupled to the laser head, then the measurement always takes place at the same location the laser is.  

  • Closed system without lens contamination
  • On-Axis-couplings are also possible in laser heads with mirror and rotary scanners
  • Measurement of complex workpiece geometries

Data Evaluation

SensorTools with controller function

The PC software enables to set the parameters required for the process. These values are written directly into the pyrometer and thus ensuring a fast and error-free integration into the measurement process.

  • Multiple parameter sets can be stored and activated also without software via an external control system.

If the pyrometer via the serial port stays connected to the software, the current measurement and control process can be

  • Visually traced
  • Recorded and documented

Further possibilities of the software:

  • On-site calibration

Data sheets:
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 High-Speed 2-color pyrometers Metis H311 / H322