Hot Metal Detector Series Polaris

Polaris infrared switch series, front and back view.

Hot metal detectors (also called infrared switches) detect the infrared radiation as well as pyrometers, but they do not provide a temperature but a switching signal when the temperature is exceeded or undershoot. They measure in the short-wave spectral range and are thus mainly used for measuring of metals.

Technical Data

PI16: 250…1800°C, 1.6 µm, 4 ms
Temperature ranges250–1000°C
Spectral range1.45-1.8 µm
Response time4 ms
Smallest spot size1.3 mm
Datasheet (pdf)Manual (download area)
PS09: 550…1800°C, 0.9 µm, 4 ms
Temperature ranges550–1400°C
Spectral range0.7-1.1 µm
Response time4 ms
Smallest spot size1,3 mm
Datasheet (pdf)Manual (download area)


  • 2 models with different spetral ranges for temperature ranges from 250 or 550°C.
  • 2 transistor switching contacts with adjustable switching temperatures as well as switching hystereses.
  • Fast measured value capturing with a response time of only 4 ms.
  • 3 optics for different focus distances selectable.
  • Laser target marker for precise alignment to the measuring object.
  • 3 status LEDs to indicate readiness for operation and active switching outputs.
  • Simple switching point parameterization via interface and supplied software.