Product Overview – Pyrometers

ModelZero Scale TemperatureSpectral range λSpot size Ø
Capella C309 600°C0.7 – 1.1 µm0.3 mm
Capella C311 600°C0.75 – 1.1 µm0.3 mm
Capella C316 250°C1.45 – 1.8 µm0.3 mm
Capella C318 180°C1.65 – 2.1 µm0.3 mm
Capella C322 300°C1.45 - 1.8 µm0.3 mm
Diadem DI13 1000°C1.27 µm1 mm
Diadem DI16 250°C1.45 – 1.8 µm1.4 mm
Diadem DS06 900°C0.65 µm1 mm
Diadem DS09 600°C0.7 – 1.1 µm1.1 mm
Metis H309 550°C0.7 – 1.1 µm0.35 mm
Metis H311 600°C0.75 – 1.1 µm0.5 mm
Metis H316 250°C1.45 – 1.8 µm0.35 mm
Metis H318 120°C1.65 - 2.1 µm0.7 mm
Metis H322 350°C1.45 – 1.8 µm0.5 mm
Metis HD 100°CMetis 3 models0.75 mm
Metis M309 550°C0.7 – 1.1 µm0.3 mm
Metis M311 600°C0.75 – 1.1 µm0.8 mm
Metis M313 400°C1.27 µm0.3 mm
Metis M316 250°C1.45 – 1.8 µm0.3 mm
Metis M318 100°C1.65 – 2.1 µm0.3 mm
Metis M322 300°C1.45 - 1.8 µm0.8 mm
Metis M323 50°C2 – 2.6 µm0.6 mm
Metis MB39 150°C3.95 µm0.7 mm
Metis MY34 300°C3.43 µm1.2 mm
Metis MY45 400°C4.5 µm3 mm
Metis MY46 400°C4.6 µm3 mm
Metis MY51 80°C5.14 µm0.8 mm
Metis MY80 50°C8.05 µm0.9 mm
Metis MY84 0°C8 – 14 µm0.9 mm
Polaris PI16 250°C1.45 – 1.8 µm1.3 mm
Polaris PS09 550°C0.7 – 1.1 µm1.3 mm
Sirius SI16 250°C1.45 – 1.8 µm1.3 mm
Sirius SI23 50°C2 – 2.6 µm1.3 mm
Sirius SS09 550°C0.7 – 1.1 µm1.3 mm
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Data sheetDescription
IF0000LED digital indicator for panel mounting
Regulus RF / RDPID program controller
GalaxyTemperature scanner Galaxy SC11 / SC12 / SC31 / SC32 for Metis pyrometers
GalaxyTemperature scanner Galaxy SC71 / SC72 / SC73 / SC75 / SC81 / SC82 / SC83 / SC85 for Metis pyrometers
Heavy duty measuring systemPyrometer measuring system in heavy stainless steel design
AZ76 (German)Measurement data and maximum value storage AZ76
Steel and metal applicationsSteel industry temperature monitoring
Laser power controlPyrometers for laser process control and temperature control

Datasheet Product overview pyrometers, accessories, software

Application Questionaire

Application questionnaire none-contact infrared temperature measurement
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