Company profile

Sensortherm head office in Sulzbach / Taunus

Sensortherm GmbH in Hauptstraße 123 in D-65843 Sulzbach / Taunus develops, produces and distributes intelligent and sophisticated infrared measurement technology. For more than 30 years, customer requirements and special requirements have been implemented in measuring instruments and software applications, tailored to specific target groups.

Our production range includes

  • 1-color radiation pyrometers
  • 2-color pyrometers
  • High-speed pyrometers
  • Temperature controller pyrometers (PID controller)
  • Pyrometer optimized PID program controller
  • Infrared switches (hot metal detectors)
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Line scanners
  • Calibration sources
  • Device specific software
  • Device-specific accessories

Sensortherm pyrometers are characterized by a fully digital construction. This ensures very high measuring speeds and signal outputs (response times) at the highest accuracy. As a result, Sensortherm is one of the technology leaders in digital pyrometer technology and offers economical and technically superior solutions from a single source. We are interested in the long and trouble-free operation of our products.

Our services includes

  • Pyrometer maintenance / calibration
  • Repairs
  • Creating inspection sheets for specifying the measurement error
  • Creating work certificates with possible readjustment
  • Creating work certificates to specific temperatures
  • Advice to measurement problems, if necessary on-site
  • Support during commissioning

Quality is important to us. We are certified: DIN ISO 9001:2015

Sensortherm guarantees a 24 month warranty on all in-house products.